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Habits of waste disposal are respectable in Valencia. The days of rubbish simply being thrown away on a large scale have long gone in Spain. In Valencia and efficient system of garbage collection has been in place for several years.

Large refuse containers are placed all across the city centre and surrounding neighbourhoods. They are colour coded and clearly marked to inspire locals to separate and dispose of their household waste conscientiously.

Plastic containers, coated packaging and metal cans belong in the yellow bins. Blue is for carton, cardboard, paper and magazines. Glass of every shape, size and colour belong in the green ones. Finally, nearly everything else lands in the black or grey containers.

Batteries should be returned to supermarkets, where a small drum is normally be located somewhere near the cash till of a main exit doorway.

It is somewhat fascinating that most residents waste little time at the blue containers. Within a short period of time after collection, they can be full of boxes on their original shape, often spilling over onto the pavement. Flattening them would make a difference.

Larger objects can be placed on the street for collection. A call to the authorities is normally required but observation has shown that trash is removed anyway.

The latest improvement in Valencia has commenced. Organic refuse is collected in brown containers across the outer districts and the system is being progressively rolled out to include the whole of the city centre.

On the whole, recycling functions in Valencia. What definitely is missing and is in need of urgent change concerns, yes, plastic. Carrier bags are literally thrown at shoppers in fruit stores and markets. Furthermore, no deposit is required on plastic or glass bottles. No machines are available in supermarkets to recycle at source. Other countries are way, way ahead.

By DeiaGreg / Jun 11, 2018


A maze of winding, narrow streets does its best to challenge orientational skills of most newcomers in Carmen, the old central district of Valencia. Many are pedestrianised while others permit entry of residential and delivery vehicles.