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A surprising number of international schools have been established in Valencia, some reaching back several decades. They  offer a variety of curricula as well as unique styles of approach to education. Bilingual schools offer alternatives too.

The international schools in Valencia include American School of Valencia, British College La Cañada, British School of Valencia, Cambridge House Community College, Caxton College, British School El Plantío ISV, English School Los Olivos and BGA.


BGA offers a new, revolutionary concept in education, with a digital curriculum alongside presential co-learning. A mix of teaching methods, including reading, videos, live lessons and quizzes, and engaging in online coursework enables the gaining of knowledge at a personal pace.

Their distinctive approach offers a choice between the British International Curriculum and the American Core Curriculum, thus allowing the tailoring of educational journeys according to what makes the most individual sense.

C/ de Ricardo Micó, 3-14
46009 Valencia
+34 674 102 728


English School Los Olivos is a well established British school which is run as a cooperative of teachers. The school offers a secular and pluralist education that embraces British, Spanish and Valencian cultures.

Teaching a full British curriculum with complementary Spanish studies, education is based on responsibility, dialogue and mutual respect, while focusing on all aspects of each child’s individual development.

Av/ Pino Panera, 25
46110 Campo Olivar
+34 963 631 409


El Plantío International School offers a British education for students between the ages of two and eighteen. The national curriculum for England is taught during early years, primary and secondary.

Year 12 and Year 13 follow the International Baccalaureate curriculum for students between the ages of 16 and 18.

C/ 233, 36
46182 La Cañada
+34 961 321 410


Caxton College is a mixed private school that offers a complete education to students between one and eighteen years of age. The school’s aim is to provide both local and international children the opportunity to study the British National Curriculum in a multicultural environment.

While most students at Caxton College are Spanish, the twenty percent international share is steadily increasing.

C/ Mas de León, 5
46530 Puçol
+34 961 424 500


Striving for excellence from its foundation in 1986, Cambridge House Community College is considered one of the best schools in Spain. Pupils from the age of three to eighteen study in the British system of education.

While not wishing to sound excessively romantic, Cambridge House believe that to run a good school it is important to be both visionary and idealistic.

C/ Profesorado Español, 1
46111 Rocafort
+34 963 905 019


The British School of Valencia provides a unique learning experience in their private school. Located close to the city centre, BSV offers British education to pupils of all nationalities between the ages of 2 and 18.

Opened over twenty five years ago, they to strive to ensure each boy and girl, each pupil feels unique, understood, appreciated and loved. A home away from home.

Av/ Peris y Valero, 57
46006 Valencia
+34 96 374 29 30


The British College La Cañada is a private, mixed, secular school. It provides education that follows the National Curriculum of England and Wales combined with core subjects pertaining to the Spanish curriculum.

The school’s principal objective is to create a warm, caring and safe environment for children from the age of three to eighteen. Key values for pupils are respect, self-confidence and  the freedom to make decisions.

C/ 299,25
46182 La Cañada
+34 961 405 412


The American School of Valencia is a leading international school in Valencia. The school offers international education from nursery to 12th grade to students between the age of two to three years and eighteen.

The IB International Baccalaureate diploma program of ISV educates young generations in preparation of a multitude of challenges in today’s rapidly changing world.

Av/ Sierra Calderona, 29
46530 Puçol
+34 961 405 412

Walking in Valencia.

The Turia, as the river is known, reaches from the Biopark in the north-west to the City of Arts and Sciences in the south-east. It offers an enormous variety of spaces for indoor and outdoor sports. Magnificent trees, some blossoming in bright colours, offer important shade for walking.