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Opportunities for recreation abound in Valencia. International residents like to take a quick dip in the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean. Others spend hours at a time on the bright, soft sand.

The marina is home to many companies specialised in water sports such as diving, waterskiing, surfing and sailing. Not far away the Science Park houses the magnificent aquarium and sea world known as the Oceanografic.

Nearby hills offer wonderful arid and woodland scenery with spaces for walking, climbing, hiking or mountain biking. Or simply head for the spacious and calm Turia park to exercise or relax.

International residents eventually find themselves adapting to an altered clock when going out. More or less, sooner or later. The fun begins. Eating a delicious meal out in a restaurant, a relaxing drink with friends in a tapas bar or partying till very late are all great experiences.

Unique to Valencia and the region, many restaurants offer almuerzo. Loosely translated to lunch, this inexpensive late morning meal is served with a drink and coffee. Designed to bridge the long gap between breakfast and afternoon meal, many choose to order beer rather than a soft drink.





From boutique stores to large department stores, a wide spectrum of opportunities to shop in Valencia is a given. Shopping complexes attract shoppers to the periphery too.

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The term tapa originates from earlier times when a beer mat was placed on top of a drink with a small tasty morsel to chew on. Nowadays clientele have a wider variety of dishes and can take more time to eat.

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