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The Oceanografic in Valencia excites with surprising insights. Situated in the spectacular surroundings of the City of Arts and Sciences it is the largest aquarium in Europe.

Its avant-garde architecture creates a magnificent environment where the most important marine ecosystems have been faithfully reproduced. Visitors marvel for hours and experience with wonder.

Through recreating all the seas and oceans of the world, they can teach and inform about each marine habitat. Their main objective is to educate visitors about the dangers to which they are exposed.

The aquarium has transformed from being a marine theme park to becoming zoological and an observatory of the sea. Its direct connections with the beach of Valencia as well as the city make the aquarium a key piece in the processes of education and general dissemination on its themes.

More than a million and a half people have passed through its facilities. They learn through a fabulous experience how to help and protect the marine environment. In particular, special emphasis is placed on preventive action among school-age children, who are the engine of change.

In recent years, the Oceanogràfic de Valencia, has become a centre of orientation connected with diverse projects and institutions to generate synergies and impulses in the maintenance of local ecosystems.

The Oceanogràfic connects the sea with the city and also the aquarium with the sea. It is a round trip of water, animals and knowledge.

The Mission of the Oceanogràfic Foundation

The reason for the Fundación Oceanogràfic’s existence is to conserve the natural marine environment by generating knowledge, performing direct action and creating experiences that encourage attitudes which respect marine ecosystems in society as a whole.

The Objectives of the Oceanogràfic Foundation

The Fundación Oceanogràfic is an institution whose purpose is to conserve and protect the marine world. To this end, it has set a series of objectives that puts in order the activities it performs. Three objectives serve as the pillars on which the Fundación Oceanogràfic is supported. Both the reason why it exists and the basis for all the actions it performs.

Scientific research: The purpose of this work line is to improve and extend scientific knowledge on oceans and on the lives that inhabit them to promote the conservation of species and ecosystems. Research, mainly of the applied kind, intends to maximise knowledge that results from the species kept in zoos and to study marine biodiversity.

Conservation: This objective involves undertaking activities that directly and positively impact the marine world or its species, as well as social awareness-raising programmes to encourage responsible activities with the natural environment.

Dissemination: Its intention is, on the one hand, to put to good use and reinforce the educational dimension and to raise awareness about the activities carried out by the Foundation; and, on the other hand, to attempt to disseminate the actions and results of the two former objectives, as well as general knowledge about the marine world, in order to promote a better connection between it and society as a whole.

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Each iconic building of the Oceanogràfic in the City of Arts and Sciences presents a unique aquatic environment. There are the Mediterranean, Wetlands, Temperate and Tropical Seas, Oceans, the Antarctic, the Arctic, Islands and the Red Sea as well as the Dolphinarium.


Turtles swim the Mediterranean. Occasionally one needs assistance and the Oceanogràfic of Valencia is proving highly valuable to turtles in distress. Their experts also cooperate effectively with other specialists from different conservation centres on both the Atlantic and Mediterranean shores.

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C/ Eduardo Primo Yúfera, 1
46013 València

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Enticing Beaches and Sea

The main city beach in Valencia is known as Playa Malvarrosa, which includes Playa del Cabanyal. Well over two kilometres in length, this beautiful stretch of sand is as peaceful off season as it is popular during warmer weather. There is more than enough space to bathe, relax and play ball games.