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Mountainous scene

One person’s scenery is perhaps more mundane to others. Especially since tastes and experiences vary enormously. Without doubt though, the landscape around Valencia can be stunningly beautiful.

One single vista can also offer up a variety of impressions depending upon the time of day or angle of the sun. Dry and barren spaces can enrich our day while a glimpse of distant waters of the Mediterranean Sea can be enormously inspiring.

Teruel, Sagunto, Castellon

Creating a scenic route for Teruel just over two hours away, for instance can introduce expats to a forgotten time. This fascinating place with much period architecture is divided by a deep gorge, which is traversed by an ancient bridge and even older aqueduct.

Creating a loop along the coastal road between Sagunto and Castellon enable a climb up to the fortifications and pausing at a beach along the shore. These towns and villages offer many opportunities to eat a delicious lunch or dinner.

Albufera, Rice, Beaches

Heading south, an early reason why for the development of Valencia becomes apparent. The Parque Natural de la Albufera reveals the wetlands that are home to many paddy fields that cultivate to the rice variety so popular for creating the famous local paella dish.

In El Palmar, many popular restaurants vie for visiting clientele to serve exactly that dish, one better than the other. Other food is also widely available for those not so keen on paella.

Gandia, Denia, Calpe

Farther south and up to an hour or so away, Gandia and Denia can be found. Originally small fishing ports, they are still the source of enthusiastic expletives uttered by diners at a multitude of eateries found along the shoreline and in the towns.

On to Calpe where an iconic rock becomes visible. The coves and beaches either side feel protected by this massive outcrop. Popular with tourists the town offers many hotels to spontaneous expats who wish to stay a while longer.

Montanejo, Chulilla, Navajas

More scenic routes can be discovered farther afield all across the peninsular. Many with even more impressive views across magnificent nature. Closer to home Montanejo, Chulilla, Xativa, Navajas, Calles and Chelva are mentioned in the hiking article.

By Vincent Green, Mar 25 2024

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City bikes


Bike paths have been available to cyclists in Valencia for many years. The traffic in the city may at times feel a little hectic but bicycles are everywhere too. Riding a bicycle in and around the city is, on the whole, safe and fun.


Magnificent, wondrous, appealing, challenging, ridiculous and moving are just some of the expletives uttered at exhibitions in Valencia. Highly talented and famous local artists are shown regularly as well as some of the world’s greatest.




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A green lung skirts the northern
and eastern flanks of the inner city.
It is by far the main attraction.
The former bed of the river Turia has become a vast park several kilometres
in length.

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