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Tapas bars in valencia

A wide variety of tapas bars in Valencia vie for custom from locals and international residents alike. Unique to warmer southern climes, tapas bars are the perfect place to grab a quick plate or two of delicious food. 

The term tapa originates from earlier times when a beer mat was placed on top of a drink with a small tasty morsel to chew on. Nowadays though, clientele choose from a wider variety of dishes and take more time to eat and communicate.


Tasca Sorolla is a magnificent tapas bar in El Carmen. One of Valencia tiniest, it opens during traditional hours and is highly popular with locals. Clientele sit on stools or stand outside and are often an inspiration for passers-by to join in.

The owner is charming and his guests are friendly. The food served is honest and deliciously cooked. Wines are good. A few foreigners pop in from time to time.

C/ Derechos, 27
46001 Valencia
+34 601 255 290


It is on on Saturdays that Bodega La Rentaora really comes unto its own. The whole area of the plaza, market hall, open air organic stalls and children’s play area liven up. Terraces flow over from late morning onwards.

This cute tapas bar is renowned for its Valencian vermouth served on ice. It is accompanied by a small pincho, a morcel. The tapas bar serves tasty salads and other light dishes too. Preparing everything in such a tiny kitchen is quite a feat.

Pl/ de Mossén Sorell, 11
46003 Valencia
+34 670 396 302


Tasca Angel is a tiny tapas bar in the El Carmen area of Valencia. It is a popular place with Valencian locals and walk-in Spanish tourists. Just a few expats. It is the size of two bars and half of it is the bar. Hence, standing room and a few stools only.

Their specialities include sardines, liver and kidney from the griddle. The two cheerful, down to earth guys serve honest wines or beer and provide a terrific, lively atmosphere.

C/ de la Puríssima, 1
46001 Valencia
+34 963 917 835


Bar La Paca attracts a unique clientele. Its cozy interior with benches, cushions and tightly packed tables attracts people of all ages. A few bar stools make it easy to interact.

La Paca offers tortillas of various tastes as well as a selection tapas influenced by North African cuisine. The small terrace is also intimate and highly popular. A relaxing place to sit and enjoy.

C/ del Rosario, 30
46011 Valencia
+34 637 860 528


Bodega La Peseta is located on a quiet street in the Cabanyal district of Valencia. That changes on the weekend when bubbly crowds spill out onto the pavements. Two neighbouring bars add to the great atmosphere.

The Parisian styled interior invites patrons to stay due to its beauty and brightness. La Peseta serves a variety of tasty tapas, wines and beers. Live music is played on some Saturdays. Morsels of paella served on Sundays are free.

C/ del Crist del Grau, 16
46011 Valencia
+34 637 860 528


Beyond Plaza Tossal and up a slight incline, Tasca El Botijo is somewhat of a treasure in Valencia. It is nestled between several other eateries along a row of terraces. Their tables are the first to be taken.

While a beer with a small bite is inexpensive and their chilled wines rather delicious, it’s their highly unusual tapas that are a welcome change for expats. Guests are of all ages, the atmosphere normally vibrant and staff are some of the friendliest in Valencia.

C/ Saint Miquel, 11
46003 Valencia
+34 963 239 890