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Going out

Bars in valencia

The bars in Valencia serve great drinks. Many create deliciously potent cocktails. Vermouth is highly popular, whether served on ice or not. Many brands of gin are available here too. Because Spaniards enjoy the drink as much as other nationalities. 

Valencians often enjoy a beer to accompany their Almuerzo during late mornings. They may drink a glass before dinner too. Wine is a favourite with the meal, with the red variety preferably served chilled or cool.


El Cafetín in El Carmen is a wonderful, bohemian meeting point. The café bar has been an institution and the face of change in Valencia for decades. Its colourful, salon-styled design is highly inviting.

El Cafetín serves delicious cocktails, quality wines amongst pieces of art indoors and on its small terrace out. A great place to sit and relax, to chat, read or merely watch the world go by.

Pl/ de Sant Jaume, 2
46003 Valencia
+34 652 383 228


Tasquita La Estrecha is a watering hole as central in Valencia as you can get. It has a long bar with tapa cabinet and many drinks to choose from, The space is a squeeze, so many stand outside. Or grab one of the few high stools and watch the world go by.

Friendly guys serve their guests with a smile. They offer complimentary nibbles as well as a variety of tapas. Guests come and go and it can be very lively but also quiet. Interacting with locals or tourists is easy.

Pl/ Lope de Vega, s/n
46001 Valencia
+34 961 141 322


Lovers of mojitos head to the delightful district of Russafa. Nestled between numerous enjoyable restaurants and tapas bars is Casa Pepé, a popular bar in Valencia.

Opening early evening, one of the first acts of the owner is to line up glasses with mint and sugar in preparation for his enthusiastic punters.

C/ de Sueca, 33
46004 Valencia