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Cafes in valencia

Cafés offer tasty coffee everywhere in Valencia. Bonbon, served with intensely sugared condensed milk is a popular curiosity. And delicious goodies accompany hot drinks in most cafés.

Most of Valencia’s populace possess a sweet tongue. So it should come at no surprise that delights taste accordingly. These include pastries, cakes or breaded creations.

Ever more cafes offer barista style coffee that expats have become accustomed to in other countries. Those who choose a more exclusive roast of beans is also rising in number.

Variety is key. Discover great places in Russafa, which is a neighbourhood tucked away behind the bull ring. Also near the beach and in El Carmen, the oldest district of Valencia.


Dulce de Leche Boutique delivers a contrast to typical Spanish coffee culture. This vibrant café in Valencia’s district of Russafa is a port of call for tourists. English, Dutch and other languages abound.

Variations on the theme of coffee are good. The cafe excels, however, with its food. Dulce de Leche serves savoury concoctions on unique breads. Moreover, its delicious pastries and cakes are sweeter on the tongue than one could imagine.

C/ del Pintor Gisbert, 2
46006 Valencia
+34 960 03 59 49


Los Picos Café is a young, welcoming place. They serve a variety of exceptional coffees in a cosy atmosphere. The terrace is set quietly next to a small park with shady trees. A place to enjoy both indoors and out.

This bright, light café boasts a clean, fresh nordic style and a super friendly owner. The clientele exude the impression of belonging to an extended family. A joy to experience.

C/ de la Puríssima, 1
46001 Valencia

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