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For expats in Valencia, going out can initially translate to an earlier hour of the day or evening compared to locals. Who hasn’t walked down a quiet street with a rumbling tummy only to discover restaurant after restaurant shuttered and abandoned. A surprise awaits a few hours later, when punters are seen enjoying their food and drink indoors and out. Traditional hours of opening are from 12:30pm to 4pm and again at 9pm or so until midnight.

International residents eventually find themselves adapting to an altered clock when going out. More or less, sooner or later. The fun begins. Eating a delicious meal out in a restaurant, a relaxing drink with friends in a tapas bar or partying till very late are all great experiences.

Unique to Valencia and the region, many restaurants offer almuerzo. Loosely translated to lunch, this inexpensive late morning meal is served with a drink and coffee. Designed to bridge the long gap between breakfast and afternoon meal, many choose to order beer rather than a soft drink.






From boutique stores to large department stores, a wide spectrum of opportunities to shop in Valencia is a given. Shopping complexes attract shoppers to the periphery too.

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All three utilities come from a different source in Valencia. Water is supplied by Aquas de Valencia, gas by Gas Natural Fenosa and electricity by Iberdrola.

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