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Utilities in Valencia

All three utilities in Valencia come from a different source. Water is supplied by Aquas de Valencia, gas by Gas Natural Fenosa and electricity by Iberdrola. Most expats find charges very reasonable, especially considering the high proportion of taxes and city fees that are included in the bills.

Delivery of commodities is impeccable. Water is of higher quality than when purchased in a bottle and yes, Coca Cola is a customer. Many international residents choose to use a filter to improve taste.

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Electricity in Valencia


The largest supplier of electricity in Valencia is Iberdrola. The vast majority of residents are content to ignore the few cheaper options and go with the big player in the city.

The power supply is fortunately not guesswork. Meters measure actual usage while the company offers past invoices as well as future predictions as an online service to clients.

Iberdrola S.A.
Calle de Menorca 19, P13
46023 Valencia
+34 900 225 235


Gas meter in the home in Valencia


Competition for the supply of gas in Valencia and to homes in the rest of Spain is no where near as advanced as in a multitude of other countries.

Gas Natural Fenosa, the major provider of gas in the city has recently rebranded itself to Naturgy. When installing a new gas boiler, a digital controller is highly recommended.

Avenida San Luis, 77
28033 Madrid
+34 900 100 251


Water in Valencia


The water supply in Valencia is delivered smoothly and efficiently by Aguas de Valencia and Global Omnium to their clients through state-of-the-art technology.

They have attained world renown for their leading edge approach to supply and demand of the world’s most important resource by using big data and smart meters.

Aguas de Valencia S.A.
Gran Via Marqués del Túria, 19
46005 Valencia
+34 963 860 600

Drinking water

Aguas de Valencia and Global Omnium deliver a clean, smooth and uninterrupted water supply to their clients. This is achieved efficiently and at lower cost through the internet of things, IOT.