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All three emergency services in Valencia can be considered to be responsive and professional. The police forces are highly visible on the streets, with police officers generally courteous and approachable.

Both fire brigade and ambulance services are well equipped and efficient. Emergency response and aid are seldom more than a few minutes away.

I the case of emergences, the unique number to dial for any of the services is 112. Operators should be able to communicate in English. Anyone in need of hospitalisation will be cared for in good facilities.

Some chemists and pharmacists in the city are open all night. In general, expats are treated by a medical service belonging to one of the better systems in the EU and perhaps globally.


Law enforcement in Valencia is organised across three agencies. The local police, overseen by the city hall, concentrates on preventing crime, settling minor incidents, traffic control and intelligence gathering. Call 112 in an emergency.

The Spanish national police is responsible for issuing national identity cards and passports, controlling persons entering or leaving the country and legislation on foreigners, refuge and asylum, extradition, expulsion, emigration and immigration. The third is the Guardia Civil.

Central de la Policia Local de València
Av/ del Cid 37
46018 Valencia
+34 962 085 550


The fire service in Valencia is naturally on call for emergencies around the clock, each and every day of the year. The fire department known as Bomberos in castilian and Bombers in valencian delivers generally a reliable and rapid response in the city.

Whether to a extinguish a fire or assist an endangered person, they head out to help those in distress from six urban fire stations. Responsibilities include preventative measures to avoid injuries, such as loose facades on buildings. The emergency services are available on phone number 112 or 080/085.

Consorci Provincial de Bombers de València
Camino de Moncada 24
46009 Valencia
+34 610 493 740


Several organisations provide emergency services with ambulances in Valencia. Necessary translations are fortunately easy, being ambulancia and emergencia, with the word urgencia very commonly used.

The number to call in the case of an incident needing a rapid response or the obvious need of an ambulance is 112. Or 061. The authorities request answers to three specific questions. What happened? How many people are affected? Where has it happened? And ask callers to follow instructions of the professionals.

Servicio de Emergencias Sanitarias de la Comunidad Valenciana
C/ de Ricardo Micó, 10
46009 Valencia
+34 961 964 000


In Valencia, well over a dozen hospitals and many more neighbourhood health centres are available to locals and expats alike. With its origins in 1409, the General Hospital of Valencia is possibly the most important amongst the healthcare infrastructure.

Immediate help is attempted to be dispensed by the universal public and private health care system 24 hours a day. That said, waiting times can be lengthy at times. Care by medical and nursing professionals is also available in a patient’s place of residence. The number to call in the case of an incident needing rapid assistance is 112.

Consorcio Hospital General Universitario de València
Av/ de les Tres Creus, 2
46014 Valencia
+34 963 131 800

A brief history of Valencia.

A story with repeated periods of flourish and decline intersperses the history of Valencia. Roman soldiers were prevalent in Europe for several centuries before and after the birth of Christ. Just over a hundred years BC they settled in the area of today’s old city.