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Informative themes, other sources of interest, guidance and topics all help expats get up to speed on the greater aspects of life in Valencia and Spain. Information concerning media channels and alternative platforms for sourcing information are featured.

The publication Spain in English offers a veritable plethora of news from across Spain as well as a selection of regional current affairs, including Valencia. Whilst highly respected El País also presents informative news online, their articles however, concern international events yet seldom Spanish.

The Local is another online publication aimed at at the international community. They require payment before being able to read any article, so even browser search results are pointless to non-subscribers.

Other possible options of interest to expats residing in and around the city include The Olive Press, Valencia News and The Valencia Report.


A delightful Irish resident and journalist in the city, Patricia Murray, has created a large following with her platform Valencia World. Articles are available on all manner of topics including events and, as such, of interest to expat locals. Select the language translation of your choice.

By Vincent Green, Mar 11 2024

Seating scene in movie theatre


Original language movies are screened regularly in Valencia. Expats and locals head especially to Babel and Yelmo to enjoy films mostly with subtitles, VOS or VOSE or, at times without, VO. Both art house and blockbusters can be seen.

Mountainous scene


Hiking and trekking in the Valencia region is initially a matter of transport. Areas of interest for hiking are some 60 kilometres and more away from the city. They include Calles, Chelva, Navajas, Xativa, Chulilla and Montanejo.

Art Venues

Art venues in Valencia present a magnificent range of periods across many centuries to the contemporary. Permanent and temporary collections cover the works of many local and international greats. Impressive collections cover many movements and styles.