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Horchaterias in valencia

Horchaterias in Valencia serve a unique local drink. The refreshing beverage known as horchata or leche de chufa lies at the core of their existence. It is popular because of taste and sustenance. The tiger nut is grown on the outskirts of Valencia in the small region of L´Horta Nord in Alboraya.

Climate and ecological environment are perfect to promote the growth of these plants. Already cultivated in Egypt 3000 years ago, the tiger nut grows under the soil as a tuber.

This superfood is a source of a surprising number of nutrients. It contains vitamins C and E and minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron. Rich in healthy unsaturated fats, starch, proteins and enzymes, it is highly digestible and diuretic. This perfect alternative to dairy is gluten free.

Horchaterias serve the drink sweet and chilled, often with a farton. This traditional accompaniment is a sweet, fluffy white flour pastry coated with powdered sugar.


Chocolatera Horchateria Santa Catalina has an interior design that reaches way back in time. Light and bright, 200 years of tradition reveal a beautiful mix of bohemian tradition and modernism. Their speciality is delicious horchata made fresh every day.

The horchateria also serves thick, hot drinking chocolate and various sweet pastries. The star is the farton. Their artisan ice cream is thick and creamy. Customers can sit downstairs or up.

Pl/ Santa Caterina, 6
46001 Valencia
+34 963 912 379


Horchateria El Collado is situated a few paces from the central market. Steeped in tradition, the owners have offered freshly made horchata for over 125 years. The local clientele is often elderly. It is easy to imagine them coming here for decades.

Families and overjoyed youngsters come to buy their drink or ice cream. The horchata can be accompanied by fartons or buñuelos, a kind of deep fried donut. A seating area next door to the takeaway is often open for hot chocolate too.

C/ d’Ercilla, 13
46001 Valencia
+34 963 916 277