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Going out

Nightlife in valencia

Lifestyles in Valencia are shifted in time compared to those of more northern nationalities. A fact well known. Afternoons reach rhetorically and literally well into the evening. Tapas bars and many restaurants stay open well into the night. Consequently, nightlife reaches way into the early hours.

Valencia offers many nightlife options. Music clubs playing rock and electronic or live groups, for instance. Or performances. Bars with extended licenses as well. Clubs attract younger crowds or offer special nights for specific age groups.


La Fabrica de Hielo is directly opposite the promenade in Cabanyal, the beachside district of Valencia. A terrific location for a former ice factory that served the needs of fishermen. Open from afternoon till late, it is an amazing space for entertainment. Sunday afternoons too.

The bar is a lively spot, great to mingle with others. There are various zones to sit and chill or chat with friends. The stage is a space for various genres of music and performances.

C/ de Pavia, 37
46011 Valencia
+34 963 682 619


Radio City is synonymous with stage gigs. It is Valencia’s traditional home to dance, theatre, flamenco and music, especially performed live. Open most nights, regular jazz sessions blend well with reggae jam sessions, open mic evenings and a variety of evenings with DJs.

The venue was opened in the late 1970s and is highly respected in the city and across Spain. The owner is also internationally renowned for the high quality of performances.

C/ de Santa Teresa, 19
46001 Valencia
+34 963 914 151


If eating in at a rock gig sounds a little abstruse, try Peter Rock. Delightfully named pizzas and burgers mix well with music as do salads and other goodies.

Located centrally, great drinks and regular live music make it popular with fans of all genres of rock music in Valencia, especially of the heavy kind.

C/ Quart, 26
46001 Valencia
+34 960 914 304


On various late evenings, especially Friday’s and Saturdays, the place to eat tapas while listening to live music in one of Valencia’s lively and intimate bars is Jimmy Glass.

Those passionate about jazz enjoy their showcasing former year sounds and the way they create specials such as jazz festivals.

C/ Baja, 28
46003 Valencia
+34 656 89 01 43