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Quality fast food in valencia

Naturally, many international fast food franchises are located in Valencia. A few smaller varieties have arrived too. Perhaps not surprising, considering the amount of time Spaniards spent eating meals.

The local almuerzo is a quality fast food served during late mornings. It includes tapas dishes and a drink, is inexpensive and quick.

Not exactly the traditional form of fast food but there is another option. Popular with locals, numerous small, dedicated outlets prepare good food to take away. They serve a variety of dishes including rice, roast meats, pasta, vegetable dishes and desserts.

Chinatown offers several cheap and cheerful quick options to eat in.


Portami Via provides numerous freshly prepared pasta and classic oven dishes. A variety of pasta is on offer, such as fusilli, spaghetti or triangoli with sauces from funghi and bolognese to vegetable. Created with cream or oil. Tasty Italian fast food.

Those who wish to cook at home can choose to buy ingredients for their own creations. Portami Via sells gnocci and several fresh pastas. Their loyal clientele are happily prepared to wait patiently in line for a quick, warm lunch.

C/ Moratín, 7
46002 Valencia
+34 963 572 346


Pizzería d’Alfredo’s is a small shopfront in Valencia’s Russafa district. Full of cheerful young staff who enjoy creating pizzas for their customers. A service counter is in front, as is Alfredo. He’s busy making sure everything flows.

Aficionados are divided. Thick base or thin. Mozzarella or not. D’Alfredo’s prepares oven pizzas thin and crispy. A choice of small, medium and large are available, all with various toppings. Eat fresh to enjoy the best taste.

C/ Denia, 61
46008 Valencia
+34 688 570 020