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Bistros in valencia

Not a term so often used by Spaniards, bistros can nevertheless be found in Valencia, The form of eatery stems from Paris, where they were first brought to life.

Some claim the word stems from the post-Napoleonic war period. Russian troops occupied the city and often called out bistro, bistro to waiters meaning quick, quick.

Others believe that the name bistro originates from the phenomenon of private kitchens in basement flats. These were a popular Parisian inner city alternative to eat out.

Today bistros in Valencia naturally offer the same chilled dining experience as elsewhere. And eating in a relaxed atmosphere that is a little less quick than tapas bars.


For those feeling the need to brighten up their day, La Más Bonita is the right place to be. Situated on the promenade of Patacona, it’s a good walk along the shore. The ambience is light and so is their cuisine. Breakfasts are delicious, coffee is good. And so is the rest of their varied menu. Their cakes are simply phenomenal.

It has an atmosphere that’s vibrant and bubbly and the terrace is popular. The inner garden is a delight, with weekends especially busy. They also host a space on the beach and have other locations in Valencia city.

Pa/ Marítim de la Patacona, 11
46120 Alboraia
+34 961 143 61


Federal Café is an open secret just off city plaza. The windows are cleverly designed, so they open fully to create benches with small tables during warmer months.The ambience of the century old store space is marvellous. Delicious brunches served at Federal are popular on Sundays. Tasty coffees are created using fresh milk. The menu comprises many healthy options and the place is great to chill or work.

C/ Embajador Vich, 15
46002 Valencia
+34 960 617 596


One of Valencia’s classics, Ubik Café is many things to many people. It is highly popular for its inviting daily lunch menu. Its live gigs are packed on Sunday lunchtimes and the play area for children is attractive all day.

It has a pleasant terrace along the pavement and the diversity of their cuisine is unique. The Ubik Café draws many expats to try their culinary experiments. Whether focaccia bruschetta, meat, vegetarian or the chef’s evening suggestions.

C/ del Literat Azorín, 13
46003 Valencia
+34 963 741 255