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An unusually high number of statutory holidays offer most residents in Valencia free time throughout the year. Of religious or political nature, some are nationwide. Others affect the autonomous community of Valencia or the city of Valencia alone.

If the date falls on a Sunday, then time off is lost, since for most of the workforce the day is free anyway. Political holidays are fixed to a date and include Labour Day in May or Spanish National Day in October.

Religious holidays are notable in that they follow the church calendar, which is, of course, lunar. Thus, depending of the moon’s cycle, celebrations such as Easter, All Saint’s and Whitsun wander across a period of three weeks or so from year to year. Dates include:

  • January 1
    New Year
  • January 6
    Three Kings & Epiphany
  • January 22
    San Vicente Martir
  • March 19
    St José & Fallas Finale
  • March or April variable
    Good Friday
  • March or April variable
    Easter Monday
  • April variable
    San Vicente Ferrer
  • May 1
    Labour Day
  • May second Sunday
    Our Lady of the Forsaken
  • May or June variable
  • May or June variable
    Whit Monday
  • May or June variable
    Corpus Christi
  • August variable
    Mary Assumption
  • October 9
    Valencia Community Day;
  • October 12
    Spain National Day
  • November 1
    All Saints
  • December 6
    Constitution Day
  • December 8
    Immaculate Conception
  • December 25
    Christmas Day
  • December 26
    Boxing Day

By DeiaGreg / Jun 8 2018
Dog on blue deck


Nowadays in Spain, people have warmed to humanity’s best friend and other pets. The Turia riverbed park is a marvellous, natural place for pets to stroll, play and interact with each other. Small areas are fenced off for dogs.

Hiking boots


Hiking and trekking in the Valencia region is initially a matter of transport. Areas of interest for hiking are some 60 kilometres and more away from the city. They include Calles, Chelva, Navajas, Xativa, Chulilla and Montanejo.


The bars in Valencia serve great drinks. Many create delicious, potent cocktails. Vermouth is highly popular, whether served on ice or not. Many brands of gin are also widely available.

Cocktail glasses on a bar