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As someone whose weight yoyo’s, your publisher was once enthralled to discover the script of a gift card in Germany that appealed enormously. The words in the title that read “I keep trying to lose weight…” and were followed by “but it keeps finding me again.” are still priceless to me!

On a more serious note, many people lose something at sometime. Since that includes expats, any loss can prove somewhat more challenging. Recovering lost property or taking of urgent protective measures are not quite as easy as in familiar surroundings.

The airport has a lost property office, should anything be missing within their terminals, so too railway stations. For losses there or on trains, Renfe and Adif should be contacted, while Cercanias are on 963 357 400. Or contact Ouigo, Iryo and Avlo directly if you’ve travelled with them.

Public transport is closer to home. FGV’s Metro retains items for up to two months in their system, which is available on 900 461 046 depending upon their nature before being passed on to Valencia’s central lost and found office.  As for an incident on any of the bus routes, EMT, who process items the next day pass them on similarly to the metro, should be contacted on 963 158 515.

It appears there are four official taxi organisations in Valencia. They are TaxiVal reached on 963 285 060, TaxiValencia on 661 719 393, Taxi-Valencia on 961 119 977 and on 968 976 386. They also pass information and items on to the central lost and found office.

Lost Property Office

If, on the other hand, a loss occurs outdoors, the authorities advise anyone contact the police unit in the district where they think they last had track of the lost property. They record the circumstances in which it happened.

Any items that are found by an expat member of the public can be handed in to staff at one of Valencia’s the many Policia Local departments. These will also be recorded and eventually make their way systematically through the network leading to the one final destination of the city’s lost property office. The same holds true for property handed directly to an officer on the street.

Fortunately, if debit or credit cards are amongst lost items, most banking apps enable us to temporarily lock or freeze them. And on the topic, anyone who has experienced fraudulent activity should report it to their bank. Following a report to the police, the insurance may make a refund.

Anyone who is in the unfortunate position of being robbed should report the theft to the local police station in the neighbourhood where they live. The same holds true should anyone fall foul of online fraud. Following reporting to your bank, filing the crime with the police is also necessary.

Finally, losses and anything beyond can be reported in accordance to the official city hall advice.

By Vincent Green, Mar 12 2024

Oficina de Objetos Perdidos del Ayuntamiento de Valencia

C/ Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1
46018 València

+34 962 084 169/179


Airport getaway is very easy and quick because Manises airport is comfortably close to the city centre. The metro station for trains to Valencia is underneath the terminal. Take one escalator down from arrivals and two access departures.

Seating scene in movie theatre


Original language movies are screened regularly in Valencia. Expats and locals head especially to Babel and Yelmo to enjoy films mostly with subtitles, VOS or VOSE or, at times without, VO. Both art house and blockbusters can be seen.

Art Venues

Art venues in Valencia present a magnificent range of periods across many centuries to the contemporary. Permanent and temporary collections cover the works of many local and international greats. Impressive collections cover many movements and styles.