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The beach will most likely feature high when asking why an expat chose to spend time in Valencia. With good reason. Sandy, smooth and expansive, they reach as far as the eye can see.


The main city beach in Valencia is known as Playa Malvarrosa, which is considered to include Playa del Cabanyal. Well over two kilometres in length, this beautiful stretch of sand is as peaceful off season as it is popular during warmer weather. The beaches blend into one another to offer more than enough space to bathe, relax or play ball games.

The water is a delight, often flat as a millpond, occasionally very choppy and on other days offering relatively harmless waves to surf upon. It is warm enough to swim from May or June to October or November.

A promenade flanks the beach and features restaurants, tapas bars as well as wide areas to ride bicycles, to run or to stroll. The area is very family friendly, clean and safe.


Farther north, Playa Alboraya and Playa la Patacona offer over another kilometre of slightly quieter beach with similar promenade and restaurants too.

Beyond the marina and harbour to the south are the long, white beaches and sand dunes of Playa Pinedo and Playa Saler. More rugged in nature, the water here can also reveal a greater swell and larger waves than those closer to the city.

Playa Saler is an area where nude bathing is popular. Another, more purist and official nudist beach is Playa La Devesa, which is even further south. Some stretches of beach are popular among LGBT communities.

By Vincent Green, Jun 11 2018


Nature parks and skiing resorts mix with woodlands and arid landscapes. The benefits of extended hours of hot sun are revealed in the wine producing areas.