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High speed and long distance trains arrive at the Joaquin Sorolla railway station. What better place to inform new arrivals about their options. A tourist office is located in the terminal.

Other visitors arrive at the sea port where they can discover more at a tourist office too. Passengers arriving by plane have an option in the airport terminal. Outside opening hours, the electronic kiosk assists with tickets and information too.

Tourist offices in the city centre Valencia are situated next to the main entrance of city hall and located at the lower end of Paz. Friendly staff offer tips, advice and a free map as well as other publications.

At the time of writing the space on Plaza Ajuntamiento is being renovated so take a stroll directly across the square to the kiosks that sell flowers. One of them has been temporarily repurposed. If in doubt, ask one of the helpful police officers or other staff on duty at the central doorway.

By Garry Green / Jun 11, 2018

Fundación Turismo Valencia

Cortes Valencianas 41 / 46015 Valencia

Spain: +34 963 524 908


A healthy following for live music exists in Spain. Folks across the generations in Valencia enjoy jazz, rock, blues and groove music, creating enthusiastic audiences at live gigs.