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Relocation is far more than moving to a new house in a new location. Valencia is a compact city with an identifiable centre. It is easy to navigate and to identify various suburbs to reside in. The pros and cons of some of the popular places to live need to be discovered.

Professional assistance for relocating to Valencia is at hand for both companies and individuals to engage with. Using a relocation agency can be key, providing a high level of support to start a new life and job while completing a smooth transition into a new environment.


Valencia Expat Services founder and owner, Laurence Lemoine, possesses expansive knowledge of the city, its inhabitants and Valencian culture as well as exhaustive personal and professional contacts.

Her natural predisposition to help others makes her the ideal person to welcome you to Valencia. Honest, reactive, creative and caring, she adapts and relies on a vast network of professionals to respond to specific requests from clients.


Integrity, empathy, professionalism and passion define Yes Valencia. Known formerly as Moving to Valencia, the agency helps individuals and families who relocate to the city or plan to invest in real estate save time, money and nerves.

They share their in-depth knowledge and contacts, while providing guidance on all matters related to their clients’ relocation to Valencia or investment plan. As well as personally assist them throughout the process.