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Expat Life



Doing business in Spain and Valencia in particular can be a surprising journey of discovery. One company or institution can demand completely different documents from a business partner to those already supplied to another.

An early agreement on the method of completing contracts is as wise as clarification of payment terms. Some perceived options may prove illegal. Proof of fiscal residency is important to prevent any avoidable double taxation issues. Official proof of company registration, identification number and other paperwork can also be requested. So too value added tax compliancy, especially for EU cross border activities.

Many aspects of the journey are highly rewarding. Getting to know each other takes time, progress often flows through intermittent phases. Interaction is polite and mostly straightforward on the path to an ultimate, clearly defined goal.

By DeiaGreg / Jul 16 2018


Global Omnium delivers water to 7 million national and international customers. The Valencia based company manages more than 700,000 smart meters and analyses a phenomenal 5 billion data every year.


Large refuse containers are placed all across the city centre and surrounding neighbourhoods. They are colour coded and clearly marked to inspire locals to separate and dispose of their household waste conscientiously.

A brief history of Valencia

A story with repeated periods of flourish and decline intersperses the history of Valencia. Roman soldiers were prevalent in Europe for several centuries before and after the birth of Christ. Just over a hundred years BC they settled in the area of today’s old city.