The benefits of eating fruit and vegetables on our wellbeing are undeniable. While evidence has been mounting for decades, availability of such sustenance is not always a given.

Enter Valencia. The prevalence of fruit stores and indoor markets across the city is astounding. An enormous selection of fresh, seasonal produce enables expats to consume nourishing food all year round.

Acquiring a healthier diet is easy in Valencia. Organic salads and vegetables from local farms can be purchased at a delightful collection of stands every Saturday on Plaça de Mossén Sorrell.

Fresh fish straight from the coast, free range eggs and every cut of meat imaginable from cows, bulls, pigs, sheep and rabbits are also available from indoor markets in virtually every district. The central market in Valencia is legendary.

Central Market

Outdoor view of market building


The Central Market still offers a true shopping experience. Interaction with friendly, traditional stall holders is also possible. A wide selection of quality produce caters for many styles and tastes.

Opened in 1928, the impressive architecture of the building is a joy to behold. It is naturally highly popular with tourists, especially afternoons. Many stands offer food accordingly. Its terrific atmosphere attracts many expat residents too.

Mercat Central de Valencia
Plaza Ciudad de Brujas, s/n, 4
46001 Valencia
+34 963 829 100

Cabanyal Market

Cabanyal Market in Valencia


Cabanyal Market is nestled in the unique district of Valencia near the beach. Thursdays are especially favourite due to the large number of outdoor stalls along the street. A large number of people from the surrounding areas make Saturday popular too.

The market is located at the junction of 2 major thoroughfares It is convenient due also to the vicinity of the tram. Around 140 stands offer traditional fare such as fresh fish, meat, hams, vegetables, fruit and dried or canned produce.

Mercat del Cabanyal
C/ Martí Grajales, 4
46011 València
+34 963 446 316

Russafa Market

Market building


Russafa Market presents a down to earth flavour and is highly popular among locals. Expats frequent it too. Either those who live in this neighbourhood of Valencia or have discovered its fine produce. The eater is lively each and every day.

Built in 1957 on the edge of the livelier area of Russafa it is within easy reach. Some 160 stands offer a traditional mix of fish, meat, vegetables and fruit as well as speciality produce.

Mercat de Russafa
Plaza Barón de Cortes, s/n
46006 València
+34 963 744 025

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