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Special stores in valencia

The retail landscape of Valencia offers many special stores. Lovers of quirky, bespoke and eclectic items merely have to stroll the streets of the city to stumble across numerous fine examples.

Expats who relocate to the location can delight in Spanish styles of furniture, furnishings, accessories, knick knacks and clothing. Whether old or new, the variety can surprise at times.


La Chaise appears to be a furniture store. Look again and clothes become apparent. Yet further pieces for the home come to light and then perhaps a bicycle. Or books and art.

Old blends magnificently with new in one of Valencia’s quirkiest boutique stores. The proprietors love vintage. Their new clothing reveals great design and quality.

A new city guide for expats

Amazing Capitals Valencia is a fresh and informative location guide full of insights for expats. It is dedicated to helping internationals make choices, settle and participate in the capital of the autonomous Valencia Community.