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December 24 - December 25 2024

Christmas in Valencia feels very festive due to the brightly decorated streets in the city centre. Lights also adorn municipal buildings and the city hall as well as an artificial tree erected on city plaza. The carousel and ice skating rink prove to be highly popular with people visiting all evening.

Nativity scenes, though smaller than in other cities, also belong to ancient tradition in Valencia. They are located in the central market, shopping malls and churches.


Valencians enjoy gathering together with their all-important families on Christmas Eve. They do so to eat a traditional dish of lamb or fish and exchange presents. Seasonal delicacies such as polvoron, and turron are also normally offered. The former is a very crumbly shortbread and the latter a nougat confection with ingredients such as honey, egg white or almonds.


Midnight Mass is highly popular in Valencia. Churches across the city are therefore filled to the brim. As is the cathedral. Members of the congregation create a constant flow throughout the service, while the choir sing phenomenal renditions. Sleepy babies and energetic young children are seen everywhere. A unique experience.

It is a joy to hear the choir singing at the Mass on Christmas Day too.


Stalls near the central market and beside the cathedral form the Christmas markets in Valencia.  Vendors sell commercial items such as interesting trinkets, creative gifts and toys. The atmosphere does not, however, compare to Germany or France.

By Vincent Green, Feb 6 2019

Catedral de Valencia

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Christmas lights


The festive season presents expats with a kaleidoscope overflowing with a variety of wonderful experiences. Bright lights suspended across many city streets and Christmas displays in several different neighbourhoods. The Nativity scene will be on the recently redesigned Plaza de la Reina this year.


The fun of New Year starts with vengeance the evening before when the residents of Valencia enjoy a lengthy dinner with friends or family before going out. As new year’s eve proceeds, the streets start to fill with locals, expats and tourists. Celebrations include the quirky national custom of swallowing a grape each second during the countdown to midnight.

Enticing Beaches and Sea

The main city beach in Valencia is known as Playa Malvarrosa, which includes Playa del Cabanyal. Well over two kilometres in length, this beautiful stretch of sand is as peaceful off season as it is popular during warmer weather. There is more than enough space to bathe, relax and play ball games.