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El Tostadero is considered a great tapas bar for a drink, a coffee or a quick tapa. Honest and simple, several cheerful and passionate middle aged men serve their eclectic clientele. Everyone gathers around the long u-shaped bar.

The staff serve toasted sandwiches, tostadas, as well as bocadillos with various ingredients. By far their most popular is filled with sepia romana. Pieces of cuttle fish are dipped in batter then deep fried and placed in a half or a whole baguette. Very oily, very popular.

Stressed at times, yet with cheerful, reserved attitudes throughout, service is professional and normally super quick. Try the experience on a Saturday when many regulars from the suburbs pop in. All try simultaneously to make their voice heard at the bar or outside on the pavement. Incredible!


By Vincent Green, Jul 12 2018


The Marina is a terrific place for entertainment with an ambience that is second to none. Events and activities large and small take place at several locations.

El Tostadero

Av/ de l’Oest, 31
46001 Valencia

+34 963 528 214